We develop an English learning app “TerraTalk” in which a user is able to speak with AI.

TerraTalk currently has over 100 courses, all of which are created based on various occupations or situations. It provides practical conversations scene by scene. Not only are the users able to enjoy speaking through our chat-based dialogue system, they can also receive an evaluation on their English ability right away. The constant feedback boosts the rate of progress by letting the users know what to improve on whlie practicing.


TerraTalk is currently used by educational institutions, such as public/private schools, English conversation schools, as well as cram schools.

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Speaking opportunities

We firmly believe that cultural diversity enriches our work environment, cultivating an atmosphere that is spontaneous, fun, and is beyond what we expect or imagine would happen next. This is why we welcome people of any and every cultural background.


Although English is the most common language to be studied as a second language, many people do not have the opportunities to actually use what they have learned. Despite the fact that there are millions of books that are available for English learners, the hands-on experience to communicate in English is falling short and lagging behind for many. For instance, we cannot evaluate our own speaking skills if we wanted to improve. That would be the same as practicing to run faster without timing the speed, or trying to lose weight without keeping track of the diet and workouts. Therefore, it takes a tremendous amount of time and money to invest into studying in order to “master” another language.


In oder to resolve this issue, we aim to provide the “speaking opportunities for each user's needs” and the “constant individualized evaluation” to make studying by oneself a profitable, manageable, and progressive experience.

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How we do

Our development team is made up of both Japanese and foreign members, including a developer from Taiwan who has formerly created an original application. In the current phase, we are focusing on how we guide the users to increase the amount of speaking, based on the users' feedback and data analysis. The team runs a sprint at two weeks interval under our CEO, who is a developer himself. We aim to keep the balance between managing time and maintaining quality, and most importantly, prioritizing the productivity.


On our business/content team, we bring up ideas to create new courses, work on promoting current projects, and constructing a business plan for upcoming projects in regards to what kind of study materials our clients are looking for.


On the sales team, we receive inquiries from our clients such as educational institutions and English conversation schools all of over Japan. Many of them show interest in using our product, thus keeping the sales team busy. We are traveling around Japan, networking, and preparing for meetings simultaneously. Since many of the members would be in and out of the office, using cloud-sourcing networks/tools is a part of our workflow.

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