Program Officer for Cooperation (Fixed Term)

拠点 赤十字国際委員会 駐日代表部 (L)


The ICRC opened an office in Tokyo in February 2009. Because of Japan's status and influence on the international stage, its efforts to promote peacebuilding and key contributions to international aid activities, the ICRC looks to Japan as a strategic partner in championing support for principled humanitarian action. The ICRC in Japan engages with government ministries, academic institutions, and other key influential actors to cultivate support for IHL and address global humanitarian concerns. It works with the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) in better positioning the Movement, joint operations and in mobilizing public support for the Red Cross, and in increasing the number of Japanese delegates joining the ICRC. In addition to the JRCS, the ICRC has been cultivating relationships with other important interlocutors in Japan, such as academia and the private sector. By maintaining close links with the JRCS, academic circles and the private sector and managing projects with them, the Program Officer for Cooperation is a key member and contributor to the delegation’s objectives.

概要/Overview PURPOSE
The Program Officer for Cooperation is the focal point for all Movement related matters in Japan. The Program Officer makes significant contributions to the ICRC's strategic orientations with the Japanese authorities by ensuring that the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) is informed and engaged in the process whenever relevant . He/She is responsible for implementing the delegation's overall Cooperation objectives. He/She promotes the delegation's overall approaches, concepts, and methods of Cooperation and Coordination with the the JRCS, and other Movement partners (if relevant); and advises and guides the delegation in expanding its scope of action within the Movement inclusive approaches and in the spirit of Seville 2.0.

Under the direct supervision of the Head of Delegation (HoD), the Programme Officer assists the ICRC Delegation in Tokyo (TOK) in developing joint ICRC-JRCS programs and related strategies, implements and coordinates the ICRC’s objectives regarding support to the National Society (NS), respecting the agreed policy, procedures and budgets, involving other ICRC departments whenever necessary, and monitors progress based on jointly agreed indicators with the NS. She/he ensures a regular liaison between the JRCS and other components of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent (RC/RC) Movement relevant to the work of ICRC delegation in Japan.

As part of his/her portfolio, the Program officer also contributes to the promotion of, and respect for, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), humanitarian principles, and RC/RC Movement among the academic circles. With the support of the Head of Delegation, he/she also supervises the implementation of the private sector engagement strategy of the delegation which aims at developing and strengthening relationships with the private sector in Japan.

• Internally, interacts with the management team of the delegation, the Division for Cooperation and Coordination within the Movement, and project managers in the region and at headquarters.
• Externally, develops and maintains a network of contacts 1/ with JRCS and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (if relevant) at both management and operational level. 2/ with University professors and students and 3/ with managers of private sector companies.
• Represents the ICRC at external meetings/ workshops/ seminars/ conferences for all JRCS/Movement cooperation related matters as well as for meetings/events with the academic circles and the private sector.
• Prepares or delivers presentations to external audiences.
• Participates in organizing or facilitating trainings or courses with the JRCS, academic circles and the private sector.
• Follows-up the JRCS/Movement developments in the country and at the international level and informs/advises his hierarchy accordingly.
• Ensures that all departments and staff within TOK are aware of the Movement activities in the country and of the latest developments when it comes to engagement with academic circles and implementation of the private sector strategy.

• Understands and adheres to the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
• Understands and adheres to the ICRC Code of Conduct (CoC), CoC compliance operational guidelines and CoC policies.
• Understands the roles of the components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
• Respects and observes staff regulations and security rules at all times.
• Represents the ICRC in a professional manner at all times.
• Develops and maintains a pleasant and conducive working environment with colleagues and line managers. Performs all duties with the highest level of confidentiality in the interest of the employees and the ICRC.
• May be asked to perform tasks not covered in this job description and to provide support to other departments when necessary.
• Oversees implementation of NS partnership, NS development, and Movement coordination objectives and manages Cooperation budget.
• Assumes independently all responsibilities of cooperation with the JRCS and other International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (RC/RC Movement) components present in Japan (80%), with Academic Circles (AC) and with the private sector (20%)
• Contributes to the ICRC’s Performance for Results (annual planning) by formulating cooperation annual, academics circles and private sector objectives with problem analysis, specific objectives, and elaborating relevant strategies and plans of action.
• Prepares budget as per activities defined. Implements objectives and is responsible for spending.
• Participates in the delegation analysis and decision-making process.
• Contributes to internal/institutional reporting on cooperation activities.
• Maintains regular contacts with relevant interlocutors.
• Prepares or delivers presentations to external audiences; participates in organising or facilitating trainings or courses with the JRCS, academic circles, and/or the private sector.
• Supervises staff if existent (interns) and performs their appraisals.
• Works in a transversal manner with colleagues for maximizing impact of his/her actions/activities and events.

1 JRCS/Movement Cooperation programme responsible
• Is the focal person for coordination with other ICRC Japan departments, HQ and other delegations for cooperation activities with the JRCS/Movement.
• Maintains a permanent contact with all departments of the JRCS relevant to the ICRC’s activities at HQ and Chapters levels. Is aware of the priorities of the JRCS and ensures the latter is informed of the ICRC’s priorities and programs relevant to them.
• Identifies and proposes opportunities to develop and strengthen common ICRC-JRCS objectives and activities.
• Keeps up to date and advises Japan delegation management and other departments on all matters related to the RCRC Movement Coordination. Ensures regular coordination with other ICRC departments on issues related to the implementation of cooperation and operational objectives.
• Ensures adequate management of all information related to Cooperation (archiving, etc.) and the proper institutional reporting on cooperation matters.

2 Academic Circles Programme responsible
• Is the focal person for coordination with other ICRC Japan departments, HQ and other delegations for activities with academic circles (AC).
• Maintains a regular contact with universities in Japan and other academic institutions relevant to the ICRC.
• Provides support in promoting, preparing, organizing and coordinating with universities an annual IHL moot-court competition national round and role play competition and participation of the Japanese team at the annual regional moot-court.
• Ensures adequate management of all information related to AC (archiving, etc.) and proper reporting on the implementation of set objectives.

3 Private sector engagement
• Contributes to the analysis of the environment and definition of the private sector engagement strategy of the delegation.
• Maintains a network of contacts with companies willing to cooperate and engage with the ICRC and identifies opportunities for developing partnerships and concrete projects.
• Supervises and follows-up on the concrete cooperation projects which are being decided with the private sector, liaising with concerned units at headquarters and in the region.
• Manages the organization of events with the private sector and represents the ICRC when invited by a company. Ensures adequate management of all information related to the private sector (archiving, etc.) and proper reporting on the implementation of set objectives.

4 Financial Management
• Accountable for all the activities of the Cooperation Department, with academic circles and the private sector: planning and implementation of all projects/programs, including financial follow-ups.
• Manages the budget and is responsible for the cost center of Cooperation Department and prevention activities he/she is in charge of (AC and private sector).
• Prepares financial plans and analytical reports for the Cooperation Department, prevention activities (AC and private sector engagement).
• Ensure that all the expenses of Cooperation Department and prevention are according to Performance for Results through closely monitoring with concerned colleagues.
• Approves all Supply Requests related to cooperation, academics and private sector activities.
• Prepares financial and analytical report of the department and submits it to Administrator on time.

5 Institutional Trainings
• Plans and organizes Cooperation trainings in the delegation or externally whenever required. Supports HQ or other delegations to organize or deliver such trainings in the region whenever requested. Briefs new or visiting colleagues on JRCS/Movement Cooperation, and on Japan delegation activities with academic circles and the private sector.
• Attends regular Cooperation meetings, workshops and seminars in Geneva and the region.

6 Interpretation and translation
• Translates documents from English to Japanese and reverse, when required.
応募要件/Requirement&Experience • Relevant university degree or equivalent certification/experience.
• Fluency in English and Japanese.
• Relevant working experience in international or humanitarian organization for more than 3 years ; professional experience includes programme or partnership management.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, diplomacy and organisational skills; ability to prioritise work.
• A demonstrated ability to establish effective working relationships at all levels both internally and externally.
• Capable of leading a multi-cultural team and teamwork skills.

The ICRC values diversity and is committed to creating and inclusive working environment. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates.
語学レベル/Language ・ Japanese:Native
・ English:Fluent
※ Candidates are requested to specify your English level in our entry form and in your CV
就業条件/Conditions ・ 就業時間:実働8時間/日、週40時間労働制
※ 試用期間終了後にフレックスタイム・テレワーク制度利用可能
※ 36協定に基づく残業有
・ 雇用形態:有期雇用契約(3年)。有期雇用期間終了後に相互合意に基づく無期雇用契約への転換有。
・ 試用期間:3カ月(別途延長の可能性有)
・ 待遇・給与:ICRC給与規定、経験及び前職給与を考慮し優遇
※ 年俸制(13カ月分割、12月度賞与支給)
※ 年次人事評価に基づく昇給制度有
・ 社会保険:雇用保険、労災保険、厚生年金、健康/介護保険
・ 退職金制度:ICRC規定に基づく退職金制度有
・ 所定休日:土、日、祝日、年末年始、その他代表部の定める休日
・ 有給休暇:20日付与(初年度は在籍期間按分)。慶弔休暇有
・ 福利厚生:ICRC及び駐日代表部独自の各種福利厚生制度有
・ 研修制度:ICRC導入研修、能力開発研修等(海外研修含む)
就業開始/Starting date 1 September 2023 (negotiable)
選考/Selection ◆ Selection will proceed as follows;
a). Application documents screening
b). 1st phase: written and/or presentation test
c). 2nd phase: Panel interview
※ Additional procedure can be applied depending on the results.
※ Candidates who passed each step will be contacted for the next step.

◆ Required application documents (in Word or PDF format file);
1. English Curriculum Vitae (free format)
2. English Motivation Letter (free format in A4, 1 page)
3. Japanese Rirekisho (履歴書) and Shokumu-Keirekisho (職務経歴書)
4. Japanese Shibodoki-sho (志望動機書)
※ Application documents shall be submitted from this web entry form only.
※ Insufficient documentation or late submission will not be accepted.

・ It is requested to specify your English skill level in this form.
・ Inquiry about hiring condition, position, etc. can be asked by email (
tok_tokyo@icrc.org ). Please do not send application documents to this email account. Any application sent to this email will not be processed.
・ Job specification, hiring condition, requirements can be altered depending on circumstances.
・ There is a possibility of cancellation of hiring or position close depending on circumstances.

Due to the large number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further. Applications are due 31 July. 2023. 

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