【Teva】Marketing Associate (英文)

拠点 Deckers Japan 合同会社


★ 第二新卒も応募可能 ★


1 【本ポジションについて】

Manage visual merchandising and marketing for retail, as well as organizing social and ecommerce communication plan to communicate and promote the Teva brand in Japan in timely and proactive manner. Perform other marketing activities through marketing coordination, PR support, tradeshow and showroom management.
2 【Hiring Managerからのコメント】






※ (%)は全体の業務に対する割合を指します

■ Retail and trade VMD/marketing management (25%)
• Work closely with assistant marketing manager, global marketing, retail and wholesale team to plan and execute visual merchandising and marketing initiatives in stores.
• Create retail and wholesale tool/fixture coordinating with third party agencies.
• Coordinate retail and wholesale tool’s shipping with third party agencies and sales/retail team. Prepare creative data by each sales and account needs.
• Create GWP coordinating outside agencies.

■ Social and EC communication plan development and management (25%)

• Work closely and collaboratively with assistant marketing manager and global marketing to localize the content to publish on local website, social media and mail magazine in timely manner.
• Collaborate with a third-party agency to update social media contents (IG, FB, X, TikTok).
• Plan and execute influencer paid post on social media (IG, FB, X, TikTok) with help of assistant manager where needed. Keep track of KPIs and reporting.
• Brands website: Seasonal visual change, Banner production, updating seasonal store list.
• Upload brands SNS in timely manner.
• Influencer / community management, which includes managing User Generated Contents for its usage rights, incorporating them on our social media and website.

■ Marketing Coordination (20%)

• Support marketing team and work with outside agencies to prepare for all sell in and sell through marketing activities under the direction of assistant manager whenever necessary.
• Manage and handle the global seasonal brands creative and data.
• Resize and localize AD visual to media.
• Product seeding arrangement and shipping to influencers and athletes. Make a record of seeding and update the influencer/athlete list. Grassroots and athlete support in timely manner.
• Inventory control of novelty, POP, and brand tools.
• Data administration (Product photos, all brand& seasonal creative, customer list, Athlete & Press list.)

■ PR and administrative support (20%)

• Assist PR activities in case of events, photo shootings.
• Assist assistant marketing manager with product seeding, finding proper item, size and shipping. Make a record of PR seeding and update media list. PR/product sample management.
• Support other administrative work within team, such as processing PO and invoice.

■ Tradeshow/ Showroom management (10%)

• Overall management in tradeshow. Preparing invitation card, customer list, showroom visual change.
• Producing/creating catalogue by planning and executing the flow.
• Arrangement of outside tradeshow in local region.
• Maintain the brand presence at showroom.
• Order samples and manage storage.

3 【Work Experience】

• 2 years experience preferably in marketing (in the field of retail/trade, PR, showroom etc.)


• Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power Point
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Japanese language native level
• Business level English is a must
• Passionate for sports and fashion
• Highly motivated, team player and proactive self-starter
• Positive, friendly and personal approach
• Customer centric approach to internal and external customers
• Highly organized individual with excellent administration and project management skills and detail orientated
• Ability to be flexible, resourceful, think out of the box and use initiative
• Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment and be results orientated
• Ability to travel domestically, approximately 6 times a year.
4 【Work Environment】

◇リモートワーク可能 (職責上で出社の必要がなければ、オフィスに出社する必要はありません。通勤にかかる時間やストレスを軽減し、自身のライフスタイルに合わせて働くことができます。)
◇コアタイム無しのフレックスタイム制 (6:00 AM~10:00 PM)
5 【Holidays and Leaves】
※124 holidays per year (2019)

6 ※副業・兼業不可

<Deckers Japan 本社> 東京都渋谷区恵比寿 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス 15階



Deckers Japan 合同会社

東京都渋谷区恵比寿恵比寿ガーデンプレイス 15階

会社名 デッカーズジャパン合同会社
設立 2009年2月
本社 〒150-6015
東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-3 恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー15F
代表(職務執行者) ジェネラルマネージャー リン・ジョアン
事業内容 - 靴、かばん、ベルト、皮革製品、アパレル製品、服飾雑貨品、織物、アクセサリー等の販売、卸売及び輸入
- インターネットを利用して、靴、かばん、ベルト、皮革製品、アパレル製品、服飾雑貨品、織物、アクセサリー等を通信販売すること
- 前各号に付帯関連する一切の業務
取扱ブランド UGG®, HOKA®, Teva®
取引銀行 香港上海銀行 東京支店
みずほ銀行 日本橋支店
親会社 Deckers Outdoor Corporation  (NYSE上場 Code:DECK)