AI Engineer (Open position, in TOKYO)

拠点 本社


You will join a development team organized for each solution and work as an AI engineer.

■Main Development Fields
Image analysis, video analysis, big data analysis, optimization, 3D modeling, NLP, OCR, 3D vision robots, etc.

■About us
We are the first venture company in the University of Tokyo to solve social issues through mathematics.
We provide AI engines for various fields, aiming to utilize new technologies developed by engineers with a background in mathematics for business.
So far, we have developed a flooding prediction system, a 3D automatic dimensioning system, and others, and have been able to deploy them in the market.
In the future, we plan to expand our business globally.

■Business Description
・AI Engine Development.
 ・Methodology research.
 ・Prototype implementation and performance evaluation.
 ・Implementation of in-house libraries.
・Back-end development.
・Requirement definition for contracted projects.
・Maintenance and operation of services developed under contract.

■Development environment
・Programming languages: Python, C/C++ (3D data processing, etc.), JavaScript.
・Version control: git
・Code management: github
・Document co-editing: Google Workspace
・In-house chat: Slack
・Virtual environment management: Docker/pyenv/poetry
・Unit testing: pytest
・CI: github actions
Machine learning: pytorch/tensorflow/scikit-learn
Public Cloud: GCP/AWS
Backend: FastAPI/flask

■Working Environment
・Many of our employees have earned doctoral degrees, and the environment is one in which you can grow and be stimulated by the members around you.
・Academic culture of the company.

必須スキル・経験 Required Skills and Experience
・Software development experience. (Python, C/C++ languages, etc.)
・High coding skills. (at least 2-3 years of experience)
・Experience in research and development in fields related to or applicable to AI, machine learning, etc. (machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, NLP, optimization, mathematical science, statistics, physics, computer vision, computer science, robotics, autonomous control, etc.)
歓迎スキル・経験 Welcome Skills and Experience
・PL experience.
・Experience in implementing technical paper content.
・Experience leading product/service development, release and development.
・Experience in team development or leading a team.(~10 people)
・CI/CD experience.
・Git, Docker, Kubernetes experience.
歓迎言語・レベル Welcome language and level
・English communication skills at an engineer level or above.
・Japanese communication skills above business level.
・JLPT N2 or higher level.
求める人物像 The kind of person we are looking for
・T-shaped person
・Learning Animal

・Able to work diligently on tasks other than coding, such as creating documentation for projects.
・Knowledge and interest in AI, image processing and video analytics.
・Positive and enthusiastic attitude toward technical areas in which you have no experience.
・Able to solve problems proactively and independently.
・Able to move forward with work while conducting self-improvement and encouraging other team members to cooperate.
・Able to move forward with tasks that would be difficult to accomplish alone, while cooperating with team members.
・Able to manage tasks, progress, and priorities while keeping track of the overall project schedule, and proceed independently.
・Have worked on projects involving products to be delivered to customers.
その他要件 ■Other Requirements
・Education University graduate or above.
・Trial period: 6 months

■Selection Process
Application Screening → Programming test → First round interview (technical interview) → Second round interview → Final interview
*Final interview will be conducted in person.

■Required Documents
・Curriculum vitae
・Programming skills and other skills that can be demonstrated
 *If you have a Github, Qiita, Slidesh are, etc. account, please share the URL.
・Research materials. (if you have any that you can submit)
勤務時間 Working hours
・Telecommuting system: Yes
・Flexible working hours(Standard: 8h per day)
・Hybrid work style: office work and telecommuting.
・Overtime: Yes 
・No second jobs are allowed.
休日・休暇 Vacations and Vacations
・125 days per year
 (breakdown) Sat, Sun, national holidays, 3 days during the summer, 6 days during the year-end and New Year holidays.
・Annual paid vacations: 5 days upon hire to a maximum of 20 days.
 5 days of paid vacation will be granted from the first day of employment.
待遇 Treatment
・Rewards for Publication.
・Rewards for patents.
・Company pays for physical examinations .(for those over 35 years old)
・Doctor visits twice a month .(health consultation)
・Free dress code.
定員 5 名





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創業 2016年9月1日
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